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Real Results: Adam, Hudson, IA

Adam started off working at home with Home Golf Fitness System. On a trip to Florida, he stopped in to work with Coaches Dave Donovan and Andrew Corley in the hitting bay.



Optimizing My Golf Body

“Within a month I could see a difference in my ball striking and how good my back felt. Another thing I was looking for is distance (like everyone else) and accuracy to go along with it. I needed to perform a consistent swing every time in order to do this. This program has done that for me.”

How I Got Started
I was having lower back problems and came across Joey D’s website and figured if i wanted to get better at golf I needed to fix my body.

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
I like the specific instructions and layout of the program. I like how for the first couple months everybody is doing the same thing. This allows people who are not so great at golf learn and the better players to improve their posture and flexibility. Also just learning the biomechanics behind how everything works together in a swing is astonishing.

Performance Notes
Within a month I could see in a difference in my ball striking and how good my back felt. I was hitting crisp shots in the center of the club face. I have also noticed a change in the contact with the ball along with no more straight pulls to the left. I feel that my body is stable enough to perform a balanced swing and to consistently hit the ball cleanly and straighter than ever. I can really tell now when I get off the proper swing plane. My golf body has never felt better after about 6 months of training. I feel more balanced, mentally focused, and physically able to perform a great golf swing thanks to the Golf Body workouts.

I have won the longest drive in 3 tournaments of the summer along with hitting my longest drive ever at 383 yards. The long drives were 362, 340, and 332. I also shot my lowest score this year with a 76.

Next Up
I want to be a single digit handicap golfer. .

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