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Real Results: Bruce, Newport Coast, CA

A seasoned golf industry veteran, Bruce was cautiously optimistic when he began working on his golf-specific fitness at home with the Golf Body 1 Video Program. Now, he’s over the ‘cautious’ part!



Game Improvement

“My game has become more consistent. Shot patterns are tighter and more controlled and distance has increased enough to be very noticeable.”

How I Got Started
Felt i wasn’t controlling the club late in rounds and my rotation was gone. Figured I would give it a shot!

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
Being in the golf business for so long i know the amount of claims that are made. The program seemed to help almost after the first week and it addressed the parts of my swing that i thought were weak.

Performance Notes
Better rotation by far, which is the thing i was missing. It therefore got the club in better position automatically. Also allows me to control the club much better through a round of golf. Biggest problem is club selection right now! I don’t make distance claims, but i stood on a par 3 in an event that was 161 yards flat but a little downwind. Had to convince myself to hit 9 iron – which i did. To the middle of the green.

Making Progress!
Because of this program, I have gotten stronger. I have now moved up to a men’s stiff shaft on my Driver and 3-wood. I can accurately hit my 3-wood 230 yards straight and that is because of the strength and stability I have developed from using this program. I have gotten more accurate allowing me better chances at par, or even birdie, and I have been hitting more solid shots.

Next Goal
It’s allowed me in a very short time (at 65 years old) to feel like I can not only compete but win. Two Golf Channel events in the Championship Flight and Championship tees in the last month I’ve finished 3rd in both. (Not enough seniors for a flight so had to play with the “youngsters”)

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