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Real Results: Dave, Manassas, VA

When scores come down, distance goes up, and his sons noticed Dad’s got a bigger swing, Dave knew he was doing something right!

Dave Walters


Gain Flexibility

“I can definitely feel the difference in my overall flexibility and ability to get on my left side.
I am hitting my irons approx. 5 yards longer and my drives are 10-15 yards longer after just 5 weeks on the program.”

How I Got Started
I was looking for a way to increase my flexibility and came upon the infomercial. I was immediately interested.

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
It was great. I got started the same day I received my kit. The video was very clear and easy to follow.

Performance Notes
I do the dynamic warm up before I play along with several other stretches. My two sons have also noticed the difference in my ability to get the club back farther. It has allowed me to compete with my fellow group more consistently and my last two rounds were 81 and 83 respectively. (I was shooting between 85-90 at the start of the season.)

Next Goal
Next goal is to incorporate this workout into my everyday fitness routine and include cardio and to push the limits to get maximum gain. I love the bands and use them daily just to stretch. I am confident that I will break 80 several times this year.

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