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Real Results: Jeff, Union, WA

At age 58, Firefighter Jeff had tried everything to ease a nagging back and hip stiffness that was doing a number on his game. Now he feels like a 20-something and is “torching” the course and his competition!



Mobility, Flexibility, Strength

“It was not long and I was feeling more flexible and stronger, and the improvements were also affecting my attitude and confidence. I was sold. Pure excitement!!”

How I Got Started
The title of his book “Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing” was what got my attention. I am a fire Lieutenant and at the time of reading the book, I was 58 years old. I was a 1 handicap, but was struggling because of stiff hips and back. I couldn’t turn anymore and was concerned not only for my golf game, but for my firefighter career. I had tried PT, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and all had limited positive results. I needed something to work and when I read this book it appeared to have been WRITTEN JUST FOR ME.

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
Pure excitement! Some of the exercises were difficult for me, but I recognized their potential benefit and carried on. It was not long and I was feeling more flexible and stronger, and the improvements were affecting my attitude and confidence. I was sold.

Performance Notes
My core is much stronger and my flexibility is as if I was in my 20’s again. I would also have to say that my stamina has also improved. My game was struggling when I first purchased the book (2011) and my handicap had risen from 1 to 5. I am now back down to 1 and I have set my goal of scratch once again. Specifically I have added at least 1 club in distance and I am able to maintain my posture throughout the swing. Posture had become a major issue for me and I had resigned myself to never getting it back, but then came Joey.

Last year was my best season in years. I play approximately 15 amateur events a year. I have won my last two club championships, numerous amateur tournament victories, I have been low amateur in several pro-ams that were against the young bucks and have fired more rounds in the 60’s the last 2 years than I ever had. This is all due to Joey fixing my body.

Next Goal
Qualifying for the US Senior Amateur and being competitive. Being competitive in all of the major amateur senior events in the Northwest.

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