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Real Results: Mark, Franklin, WI

Mark’s been playing golf for 23 years, and started the Golf Body 1 program at home in Franklin, WI to help re-establish mobility after knee injury and surgery.



Getting Back In The Game

“I had an opportunity to test my new golf body out just three weeks after I started the program, and the results shocked me.”

How I Got Started
To tell you the truth, I was just hoping it wasn’t a waste of time and money! I loved the program from the first day, as I knew it was going to help me build a better golf swing than I have ever had.

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
The program is simple and efficient, but very effective. I was in great shape prior to injuring my knee, but daily 5k’s and insane workouts had to be put aside. Golf Body 1 is the perfect program for conditioning the specific muscles and joints that need to be strong and flexible to support a powerful golf swing. This program has helped me “connect” my body and golf swing for a more powerful and efficient strike of the ball.

Performance Notes
Within a month I could see in a difference in my ball striking and how good my back felt. I was hitting crisp shots in the center of the club face. I have also noticed a change in the contact with the ball along with no more straight pulls to the left. I feel that my body is stable enough to perform a balanced swing and to consistently hit the ball cleanly and straighter than ever. I can really tell now when I get off the proper swing plane. My golf body has never felt better after about 6 months of training. I feel more balanced, mentally focused, and physically able to perform a great golf swing thanks to the Golf Body workouts.

I had an opportunity to test my new golf body out just three weeks after I started the program, and the results shocked me. Driver carry distance had jumped 10 yards from prior to knee surgery, and I could feel my body sequencing perfectly through the swing.

Next Goal
It’s Winter here in Wisconsin now, so this will have to wait until Spring, but I am expecting great things as I work on my Golf Body and swing this off season!

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