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Real Results: Fr. (Padre) John, Bellefonte, PA

With 25 years invested in the game, Padre decided it was time to invest in his body. He hit the gym but wasn’t seeing the results he wanted — and felt it was actually hurting his game! He started in on the Golf Body 1 System and “…could tell a difference immediately.”



Game Improvement

“This program has given my golf game a new life. I would say it has been resurrected!!! If you are looking to lower your golf scores, this is the program for you!!”

How I Got Started
I have been working out for the past 3-4 years in an effort to improve my golf scores. Unfortunately, as I got stronger in the gym, I wasn’t seeing the results I was expecting. My driving distance was less and my scores were going higher, not lower. I saw a commercial for the Joey D fitness program on the Golf Channel and I bought the introductory kit in October, 2013. I could tell the difference almost immediately. My flexibility, balance, and golf strength all improved dramatically.

What Were Your First Impressions of the JoeyDGolf?
The training was easy to follow. As I got started, I could see and feel right away that this fitness program was totally different than any other program I had been on for golf. The muscles I had been developing over the years in the gym were the same muscles that I now needed to stretch. I thought I was in pretty good shape physically, yet I was so out of “Golf Shape.”

Performance Notes
As a priest, it is hard for me to enter many tournaments like I used to do because I have to work a lot on weekends, especially Sunday!! However, that does not prevent me from playing on a regular basis. I have seen a dramatic decrease in my average scores and as a result in my handicap. When I started the program in October of 2013, I was carrying a 9.5 USGA index. Now in May, 2014, my index is down to 2.8.

Making Progress!
Because of this program, I have gotten stronger. I have now moved up to a men’s stiff shaft on my Driver and 3-wood. I can accurately hit my 3-wood 230 yards straight and that is because of the strength and stability I have developed from using this program. I have gotten more accurate allowing me better chances at par, or even birdie, and I have been hitting more solid shots.

Playing Goal
My next goal is to really work hard and not get complacent with my results. I know I can go really low on the golf course and want to experience that more often. I wish I could play in more tournaments and I might try to qualify for the U.S. Senior Amateur.

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