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Fix Your Body Fix Your Swing Academy

Joey D Golf presents an golf fitness training educational seminar exclusively for teaching professionals. Join us at our complete Sports Training Center in Jupiter, Florida — a huge indoor facility featuring 3 hitting bays, indoor range and full golf-specific fitness area.

March 20 & 21, 2018
(Early registration deadline 2/15/2018)

Note: All Early Registrants receive a signed copy of Coach Joey D’s book, “Fix Your Body Fix Your Swing”

Provide teaching professionals with a continued education opportunity to learn more about golf-specific fitness and biomechanics — and how to help students “Fix Their Body and Fix Their Swing?” This a comprehensive 2-day immersion designed to help current professionals expand their awareness, understanding, and application of golf-body optimization and training. You will learn more instruction tools to increase your revenue and bottom line results.

-Hands-On “Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing” sessions
-Balance and Ground Force Pressure Mapping, featuring BodiTrak
-Swing Video Analysis
-Individual Biomechanics Assessments
-Prescriptive Movement Patterns
-Injury Prevention Awareness
-Goal Setting and Benchmarking Progress
-Certificate Of Completion
-15 PGA Required Education credits

Participants will walk step-by-step through the intake, assessment, and prescriptive processes as developed, taught, and used by Coach Joey D throughout 20 years work with top PGA and LPGA Touring professionals that help players at all levels identify, isolate, and improve critical aspects of their golf bodies which may be preventing them from playing at an optimum level.

On completion of this workshop, you will be able to confidently take your golf students through swing-specific assessments and prescribe detailed, individualized exercise protocols that will profoundly affect and improve play. PGA Of America members will receive 15 PGA Required Education Credits.

Whether you’re dealing with juniors, recreational players, or those who play at the collegiate or professional level, this seminar will give you the insight to isolate the issues that are keeping your golfers from playing their best and arm you with tools to help correct those issues.

This program is designed for professionals actively working in the golf industry. A working knowledge of the golf swing and basic golf fitness are required.

PGA Of America Members: $995
Non-PGA Of America Members: $1195

Early Registration: $100 discount

Note: Travel and hotel are not included.

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Academy Host: Chris Noss, 20-year veteran Tour fitness expert

Academy Host: Marvin Sanguesa, teaching professional



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